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Hi, I'm Savannah, Let's get to know each other...
Savannah Bongiorno

Mama Goals Founder

Who Am I?


 I am a stay-at-home boy-mom-of-two. I am married to my high school sweetheart, who has been an incredible support to this business! Together we have built a beautiful life in Florida. I started Mama Goals in the Spring of 2020, during the heat of the pandemic. What started as an instagram page to inspire and motivate other mamas to feel less alone, I found that I could really help other moms develop a sense of self-worth again by finding their balance. I am loving my own journey in motherhood, and finding that it comes with many ups and downs. Outside of being a wife and mother, I love to bake and cook, read and learn, and stay active as much as I can with keeping up with my kids. I have always been passionate about helping other people, and have worked many jobs in the human service/ psychology field. When I became a new mom, it became clear to me that this is what I am supposed to be doing, and who I was supposed to be helping. Just as I navigate to keep my own balance, I am here to help you find yours.


What inspired Mama Goals?



Mama Goals was inspired by my own experiences with pregnancy and the transition phase into motherhood. During this time I realized, like many other moms, how lonely this phase can feel. I was inspired to create a safe space for moms to feel connected and be supported. This transition is a lot, but nothing we can’t handle as a strong community of women. The Mama Goals Community is a safe place to ask questions, and also support other moms asking questions. Going through this experience there was a lot of information that I felt like I was missing when I became a new mom. How long does it take to heal? Is this normal? Is that normal? Should my baby be doing this? Google became my best friend, except it was a one sided friendship. This is one of Mama Goals most important resources, providing moms with mentored support so they don't ever feel alone.Mama Goals also provides Life & Mindset Coaching, as well as Health and Wellness Coaching, to help women find their balance in motherhood. I personally struggled with blending the two people I felt like I am now. I was an independent wife working on doctorate degree, when all of a sudden I became a boy mom. I love both people, but they are very different. I realized it takes time to make time for yourself. It takes motivation to move forward, and it takes time to accept you are a different version of yourself. I think this can be true with many new moms with many different situations.

To answer the question, “what inspired Mama Goals”,  the answer is simple. A friendship. A now, unbreakable bond, with woman who shared my due date. Now, my best friend. During pregnancy, we were able to share all of our fears, expectations, worries, and excitement with each other, everyday.  I realized how important this relationship was. This connection offered motivation, and non judgmental support, which got us through some very difficult times. This type of inspiration, is what makes me want to share with you. This type of comfort when the world can feel so scary. Mama Goals hopes to continue to create a community with this type of support while providing you with the tools to help navigate through this exciting time that is also very unknown.


Fun Fact* The Mama Goals Logo, is a woman/mother who is rooted into the ground, but is also growing leaves and branches. This is the Logo because I believe that as we become mothers, we must stay rooted to who we were before, but continue to grow as we lay the foundation of our families. ​

How can I help you?

Pregnancy. If you are pregnant. Mama Goals can provide you with a community of other mamas that may be able to help you feel less alone, and answer any questions that you have. Life coaching can also help you to feel better organized, planned, and less stressed out about your "to do" list. Life coaching can also give you someone to talk to while you can hear your self speak in a safe place.  

New Motherhood. If you are a new mom the Mama Goals forum can provide you with community and support. Life coaching is also recommended for new moms, to help with finding their new identity and balancing who they were before motherhood, with who they are now. Support Groups are available to learn and focus on yourself in the form of a group. 

Any Stage Of Motherhood. Any moms, struggle with finding their identity and can benefit from Life Coaching, and the Support Groups that Mama Goals offers. It doesn't matter how old your children are, we all need to focus on ourselves and take the time to do so. 

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